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eHealth SMSC (eResults) Installation & User Guide (PDF)

To download an eHealth SMSC (eResults) Installation & User Guide (PDF) click here.

eHealth SMSC (eRequests) Installation & User Guide

To download an eHealth SMSC (eRequests) Installation & User Guide (PDF) click here.

eHealth SMSC (eRequests) Video Guides

You can view video demonstrations of eRequests:

Results, Reports & Summaries (eResults)

  • SMSC fully automates the transfer of pathology result files (HL7/PIT) and reports and summaries (in any file format) from Diagnostic Laboratories, securely and directly to the clinic management software (CMS) of Medical Practitioners.
  • SMSC may also operate independently of CMS via a built-in viewer or via the web with results viewed securely online at the Clinical Labs eResults website.
  • Reports and summaries are presently viewed via the built-in viewer or the Clinical Labs eResults website.
  • SMSC is compatible with all known CMS operating in Australia.
  • Its easy-to-use interface allows operators to simply set the retrieval schedule for automatic download of results, reports and summaries or for manual download at any time.

Pathology Requests (eRequests)

Pathology requests may also be sent via SMSC.
  • eRequest is an automated facility within SMSC which enables Medical Practitioners to create and lodge electronic pathology test requests with Australian Clinical Labs.
  • The customised requests interface is seamlessly presented to the referring Medical Practitioners when they select Australian Clinical Labs on their CMS.
  • Output includes both printed test request forms with bar codes and electronic HL7 pathology test requests.

Australian Clinical Labs eRequest form now enables the ability to audit and track pathology tests for the patient open within CMS.

Where there has been an eRequest for an ordered pathology test, the eRequest auditing and tracking functionality will:

  • Provide an up-to-date status of each eRequest episode and it's individual ordered tests
  • Provide an audit trail of the original eRequest episode and it's individual ordered tests
  • Include in the audit trail of each eRequest episode, any additions or deletions of ordered tests, as reported by the Laboratory.


  • SMSC utilises PKI x.509 v3 digital certificates with the 128bit SSL data transfer, providing highly secure communication, authentication and data integrity for all parties. It is fully supported by an integrated data management system involving professionally maintained servers, extensive back-end audit and account administration systems.
  • The SMSC built-in files viewer may be password protected to allow authorised users only to access pathology result files.
  • Viewing files via the Clinical Labs eResults website is password protected.

Installation & Support

SMSC is simple to install and is fully supported by qualified and dedicated staff who are involved with all aspects of software development, maintenance and customer support.